Building green or sustainability means using processes and materials that are environmentally friendly, energy efficient, and/or sustainable. We can help you give back to the environment by informing you what materials and techniques can be the most environmentally friendly choices.

This can include items such as:

  • High insulation value of the home to keep the heat in, requiring less energy to heat your home
  • Choosing counter tops and flooring made from sustainable materials such as bamboo flooring or recycled glass and concrete counter tops.
  • Adding solar panels to your home to add supplemental power from a renewable energy source.
  • Choosing Energy Star approved appliances and windows to reduce your home’s energy use


Dominick Guliuzza and his crew built my straw bale house.  They did it in an efficient and timely manner using alternative building techniques, including a rubble-trench foundation, framing for straw bale infill, and earthen plasters.  My home met all of my expectations and more; it is beautiful and well-built thanks to Dominick’s attention to quality and detail.”

Gayle Dixon