Finding a Home Site   

We are a builder/realtor team, who combine our expertise to help you find a lot that fits your budget and all of your must haves!  If you have not yet purchased a home site, contact me Jodi Guliuzza, at Century 21 Whitewater Clark (208) 271-6334 for assistance.

House Design   

Dominick and our design team will spend the time necessary reviewing your house plans  and discussing the details that need to be added or changed in order for your home to be built without any avoidable oversights.  Like the timeless quote, “measure twice, cut once,”  we believe that being proactive through each phase of construction can help keep  mistakes from happening.


This is what we do best!  All of the planning finally comes together and your dream home begins to take shape.  As your home is constructed we can plan site visits for you to walk through and see the progress take shaper, and address any questions you may have.


For many of our clients interior design is the most exciting part of building a home.  Sometimes all of the decisions can feel overwhelming.  We will walk you through the process of choosing the colors and materials that will bring your home to life.  We can offer you our expertise in material quality and we are happy to give you recommendations if there are decisions you are uneasy making on your own.



Our contract offers a one-year limited warranty.  We  have not only built a house, we have built your new home. We hope we have also built a meaningful relationship with you as our customer.  We stand by our work and we will be there for you.