Building in the mountains of Idaho at 5,000 feet elevation means a climate with extreme seasonal changes. When you choose us as your contractor, it means you are choosing a local McCall builder who understands how and why certain aspects of home building need to be done differently to accommodate the extreme cold and snow accumulation that McCall often experiences.

We also understand how to build a house that can accommodate the unique storage solutions for your favorite recreational activities in McCall.  If you need to incorporate extra storage, such as ski/snowboard storage, mountain bike storage, snowmobiles and ATV’s we have some great solutions for you.  We can help you envision a special gear room to allow your snow clothes to hang and dry after a long day in the snow and to make sure the sand from the beach does not make it into your living room.  We can create a house specifically for the place we love so much.

We will listen to your ideas and we will make your dreams come true! We understand that no two people are exactly alike and that every customer has different needs and desires for their home. Some people want to focus on keeping a tight budget and a tight deadline, so they can move in quickly. Others, may not be as concerned with time and budget, and want the focus of their dream home to be in each and every detail, so their home is a work of art. Others, want a nice balance of all those qualities. We are here to help guide you through this process and to deliver the home that meets all of your desires for this home!